Business Development

"In the pursuit of regional economic development..."

Working to create jobs and improve the commercial and industrial base of the Rainy River District, we offer a variety of services to the community.  We can help you find fair and equitable business partnerships, help your business communicate with a larger market and provide community learning for businesses and entrepreneurs.


The RRFDC wants to encourage and assist with business development throughout the Rainy River District, therefore, we...

  • Proactively seek out Entrepreneurs wishing to expand their businesses or begin a new business.
  • Actively seek out Business ideas that preliminary research indicates might be feasible for the District.
  • Work closely with other agencies and individual communities to foster an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the District.

RRFDC can provide:

  • Loans, equity investments, and loan guarantees to a maximum of $150,000 per business.
  • Business planning assistance for us or other potential lenders.
  • Research, using the latest forms of computer programs.
  • Youth Initiative loans for summer students 

For more information about RRFDC Loan Applications, please contact Angela Halvorsen.
Phone: 807-274-3276

RRFDC We're in Business
Business Startup Information:

Other Programs & Information:


Tips and Tools For Starting a Business - At these sessions, you will be given tools to help you with the fundamentals of starting a small business.  Topics include:  Checklist for going into business, feasibility checklist for starting a small business, forms of business organization, legal issues in starting a business, market research for your business, buying a business, business start up list, business services in the Rainy River District, introduction to intellectual property, helpful websites, community profiles for the Rainy River District, RRFDC and other programs, THE BUSINESS PLAN (simplified) and much more! 
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