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Professional Services Relief Grant


Up to $5,000 will be granted to the SME applicant for a third-party delivery agent, training consultant or independent service provider for eligible services. Funding will be issued on a continuous intake model to ensure funds are disbursed as quickly as possible. Funding is eligible until March 31, 2021 or until funds are exhausted.

Projects should reflect one of the following priorities:

  1. Business Planning
  2. Business Development
  3. Professional Consultations
  4. Financial Processing (Set-up/Training)

Project Eligibility:

  • A SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) is a business of strategic importance to the community. i.e. retail shops, restaurants, corner stores. SMEs are defined as having less than 500 employees and annual sales revenue of less than $20 million. SMEs produce goods and services for the economy regardless of their business structure (i.e. sole proprietorship, social enterprises, cooperatives).
  • The applicant has attempted to access other federal relief supports and was ineligible or rejected (including CEBA, AFI funding).
  • The SME must have been established and viable as of March 1st, 2020.

Examples of Eligible Services Acquired After March 15th, 2020:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Assessments
  • Financial Training
  • Business Planning Consultations
  • Business Development Consultations
  • Marketing Consultations
  • Industry Expertise Training
  • Other Professional Consultations

Click the link below to request an application.Angela Halvorsen, Business Investment Manager

Angela Halvorsen, Business Investment Manager