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Business Resources

Government of Canada - Steps to starting a business and how to create a business plan
Resources from BDC for young entrepreneurs
How to navigate through the disruptions of a pandemic - On-demand webinar - WTC Winnipeg
CPA on-demand webinars
~Pivoting and changing business models~ 
~Financial management for business owners~ 
~Financial survival techniques for entrepreneurs~
Trailblazer program from Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre
Soft Landing: Scale From Home program
A new tech funding program; launched by Canada's Tech Network

Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Program

Private Sector Youth Internship Program - available through your local Community Futures office

Innovator Membership Program

BDC's Entrepreneurship Toolkit

StartUp Canada podcasts

Enterprising Indigenous Women

Finance Resources from BDC

Business to Business (B2B) Vendor Database - PARO

BDC - Steps to Starting a Business or Buying a Business

Digital Main Street - Future Proof
Business Plan Essentials - Futurpreneur Canada
Small Business/Entrepreneurial Resources from BDC
Resiliency and Returning to the Workplace
NOW Program for small to medium enterprises
Government of Canada's Business Benefits Finder
Adapt your business to thrive in the new normal - on-demand webinar
Tips for Entrepreneurs - How to thrive in tough times
Entrepreneurial Potential Self Assessment
How to restart your business in the wake of COVID-19 - an on-demand webinar
Next Level Program with NWO Innovation Centre
~How to cope with the impacts of COVID-19 on your business - an on-demand webinar~
PARO & GoForth Institute Online Education